Bigi Apple: The New Tasued Identity Card

Bigi Apple

Bigi apple is the most popular and biggest-selling soft drink in TASUED,  as well as one of the most recognizable brand.

Food courts in TASUED are an increasingly popular way to win the consumption of drinks. They’re equally prepared to deliver this trending drinks to the students for consumption. Because it doesn’t involve just money, but also—and more significantly—a commitment to  change in the entire school taste

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Bigi soft drink is a sparkling and refreshing soft drink with a crisp fruity
taste. Made in Nigeria under the strictest hygienic standards, it is very refreshing and suits every occasion when served. It has a satisfying taste that will always keep you asking for more. It is best when served chilled.

Key Features
  • Size: 500ml
  • Enriching taste
  • Refreshing carbonated soft drink
  • Suits every occasion
  • Best when chilled
  • Packaged in an hygienic environment
  • Premium select
  • Manufactured In Nigeria

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